Alternative To Facebook This Year – Data-Free Social Networks

alternative to Facebook
alternative to Facebook

Facebook has been collecting massive amounts of data about its users over the past few years, which is pretty scary. The Facebook data zip file can be downloaded here so you can see what Facebook knows about you.

It contains everything from your photos and contacts to your mobile phone numbers. Your cell phone also keeps all the text messages you’ve sent! The amount of information they store is astounding. Following the recent Facebook CA scandal, people are now searching for alternatives to Facebook that respect privacy and don’t sell or share private information.

You can use other social networks and messaging apps instead of Facebook, whether you believe it or not. These networks and apps have been living in the shadow of the mighty Facebook for many years. But now is the time to explore ways to interact with your friends and family without having to worry about your data being stolen and stored on distant servers.

Conservative Alternative To Facebook
Conservative Alternative To Facebook

Top 3 Social Network Alternatives To Facebook -2022

Here is the top listed social network alternatives to Facebook in 2021. Read more to get more alternatives.

  1. WT Social:

WT Social is a social networking site that aims to be the antithesis of Facebook. WT Social is a non-toxic social network, and its tagline says it all.

It was founded by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. WT Social incorporates Wikipedia’s microblogging and contribution features. Further, it does not collect as much data as Facebook.

No personal information is collected or sold by WT Social. In addition, advertisers do not dictate what appears on the site or what you see. Algorithms are not even used to curate your feed. The user experience is completely controlled by the member.

Misleading content is also strongly discouraged. The content that contains false information can be edited easily. Furthermore, WT Social removes members who violate the site’s terms and conditions. It’s a fair and honest platform focused on connecting people; simple as that.

  1. EyeEm

EyeEm may be right up your alley if you enjoy Facebook’s photo-sharing features. Founded in 2011, this platform has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially, the app was only available for iPhone users to upload and share their photos. Today, it is a digital space for businesses as well as photographers.

Photographers can post their best work on EyeEm. Other users will be able to interact with the photos, share them, and gain more knowledge about photography.

Stock photography has been blown away by EyeEm’s business. With more than 100 million high-quality images, EyeEm acts as a database. The platform allows anyone to license photos. Marketing agencies and brands are particularly drawn to EyeEm.

EyeEm’s cool feature is that it uses artificial intelligence to find the best images for searchers and not advertising.

  1. Yubo:

The Yubo social network focuses on socializing. Yubo isn’t about tracking users or bombarding them with ads every five seconds. Just look at the app.

Yubo does collect some information. However, a lot of it is voluntarily collected. Yubo is very transparent about how its data is collected. You can read the terms in the privacy policy and they are very easy to understand.

Yubo is a simple network-based on live streaming. The number of viewers can be unlimited and up to ten different streamers can live-stream simultaneously. The main page of the app allows you to search for live streams according to topics. It is also possible to follow your favorite streamers so you are always aware of when they go live.

Those aged 13 to 25 are the target audience for the platform. It separates younger users into two communities in order to protect them. Interaction between users over the age of 18 and younger users is not permitted.


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