Buy Delta 8 Online (Top 3 Delta Brands of 2022)


The delta-8 rage is not temporary. Ever since the government approved the use of Delta-8, the most recently legalized THC strain, the talk of the town has been about it. Considering how many delta-8 brands have invested and launched  research projects around the delta-8 THC compound, it seems buy delta 8 online like  this variant is destined to succeed.

Look no further for a detailed guide if you want to try the product out for yourself. Scroll down to find comprehensive brand comparisons among the best delta-8 brands, a buying guide, and an FAQ section to answer your most pressing questions.

Best 3 Picks forTop Delta-8 THC Brands of 2022

Here are the following best 3 picks for the top delta-8 THC brands of 2022.

  1. Exhale Wellness

We aim to stand out by providing only naturally derived products at Exhale Wellness. The company’s underlying value is to provide consumers with alternatives to traditional medicine – a philosophy we wholeheartedly support.

There are many ailments that can be treated with Delta-8, and it is a safe compound. This potential of cannabinoids is well recognized by Exhale Wellness, which is careful to ensure its products deliver natural goodness safely.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in New York City, but it has distribution in 50 states. It is the leading distributor of hemp-based CBD products. Exhale Wellness offers a wide range of products from top brands like Thea and CBDistillery.

  1. Bud Pop

With its playful and fun imagery, this brand stands out. Delta-8 is a hemp-based cannabinoid that helps consumers enjoy a healthy, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience. Through its products

BudPop was founded in a relatable manner – it was a fun time for people. Because Delta-8 is safe, healthy, and packed with many benefits, it was the ideal solution. They are 20-something young professionals who know what they are doing and are committed to providing you with a great quality product.

Even though the company didn’t start selling delta-8, they quickly incorporated this newly legalized cannabis variant into their product line. Despite their USP of high quality, they have also been quite successful at it. In essence, BudPop is the place to go if you’re looking for a brand that’ll make you feel like you’re talking to one cool aunt.

They are a well-known name in the world of cannabis, and they have made it their mission to provide the best quality products to their customers. They started with a small but loyal clientele who appreciated their quality products, and they grew to where they are today by being dedicated to their mission and providing quality products. They have also grown to become an industry leader. Their product line includes everything from flowers, concentrates, pre-rolled joints, and much more.

  1. Hollyweed

A CBD company, Hollyweed, first came onto the scene in 2017, and since then, it has built a name for itself in the cannabis industry and jumped on board with delta-8. Hollyweed strives to offer its customers only the purest, highest quality products to promote wellness worldwide.

Hollyweed is the place to go if you are a consumer looking for a brand that focuses on products and aims to equip consumers with knowledge about cannabinoids. In the ‘Blog’ section of their website, this brand does not hold back in providing information regarding how each product works and affects their system.

If you are new to the cannabis industry, Hollyweed may be able to provide you with some tips and tricks on what to expect when purchasing a product from them, as well as some helpful articles on how to consume it correctly. They also have a unique offer where they will send you two FREE grams of their top-selling flower strains! A big thanks go out to the team at Hollyweed for taking the time to do this interview!


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