Choosing Barber Shop Furniture


Choosing the right salon chairs is essential for providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for your clients. Mop and cleaning cloths allow you to properly clean floors and mirrors, while disinfectant spray sanitizes equipment and surfaces.

Invest in heavy duty barber chairs to ensure durability. These styles feature steel frames and robust bases to withstand repeated use.


When opening a barber shop it is important to have the right salon furniture. Choosing barber chairs that are comfortable and properly functioning can make your customers feel at home while they are getting their hair cut.

Salon and barber chairs can come in a variety of styles and designs to suit the aesthetic of your salon or barbershop. Choosing the right chairs for your business can also help to create a comfortable environment for your clients and save stylists and barbers from sore backs.

Another essential piece of Barber shop mobilie is a manicure table. Manicure tables are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your salon’s needs. Look for a style that suits your salon and is easy to clean and sanitize. Also, consider choosing a manicure table with storage space to hold your barber tools and supplies.


The barber chairs you choose to have in your salon should be both comfortable for clients and easy to clean. Choose chairs that match the style and aesthetic of your shop if you are looking for a modern salon with sleek lines, or opt for more traditional chairs made with wood accents if you want a more classic look.

The Fillmore barber chair by Jeffco has a no-nonsense look in black and chrome to suit modern salons, or you can go with a more luxurious option that fits the needs of a traditional barbershop. This chair has a wide seat and adjustable headrest, as well as a durable base structure that will last over time.

A heavy-duty barber chair is a good choice if you plan to service many clients a day, as it can support the weight of tall or short customers. It also has a sturdy hydraulic feature that can lift clients up to five inches.


The design of your barbershop is a key element that has a great impact on the clients’ experience. Therefore, it is important to choose a style that combines tradition and innovation in terms of both the interior and furniture.

The color palette is also an important aspect to consider. According to research, colors have a huge influence on people’s perception of a brand. Therefore, it is essential to choose a combination of colors that convey the right message about your barbershop.

Another great way to promote your barbershop is by putting your logo on different objects in the salon. For example, you can personalize coffee mugs or brushes containers to show your customers that you care about them and your business.


Besides being stylish, barbershop furniture must also be functional. For example, opting for anti-fatigue mats in a bold color or checkered pattern will make it easier for your customers to stand comfortably while getting their haircut and shaved. This can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and increase brand awareness for your barbershop in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Similarly, investing in a barber station with plenty of storage is important for reducing clutter and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can find plenty of options, including barber carts, storage cubbies, and trolleys that will fit your specific needs.

For instance, a Lotus Cuba barber unit in dark wood would match well with a vintage barber chair and add a masculine vibe to your decor. The station comes with a porcelain sink, shower fittings and drawers for storing tools, plus shelves that can be used to display styling products. This way, you can boost product sales and showcase your barbers’ work in a creative way.


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