Custom Mattresses (Best Mattresses of 2022)


Thousands of bed options are available to people today, but there are still many reasons why someone might choose a custom mattress. Custom mattresses offer you the flexibility and control you need, whether you need a bed in a nonstandard shape or size, want more control over firmness or materials, or want a bed you couldn’t find.

Nevertheless, having more control over the final product can make the buying experience more stressful. Choosing the right manufacturer for a custom bed often requires understanding mattress construction and one’s needs custom mattresses After that, they are faced with a time-consuming and overwhelming customization process.

Our favorite custom mattress manufacturers are highlighted here to help shoppers choose the right mattress for their needs. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the different types of custom mattresses so that you can confidently design a bed.

The Best Custom Mattresses of 2022

Brooklyn Bedding Custom

A customizable mattress model is only available from Brooklyn Bedding online. Despite being hybrid models with pocketed coils, customers can customize firmness levels, comfort layers, and cover fabrics based on their needs and preferences.

Mattresses are available in three firmness levels: soft (3), medium (5), and firm (7). The mattress can be ordered with a uniform feel across the entire surface or with a dual-firmness model if you and your partner do not have the same preferences. The comfort layer composition is also available in three options. It features TitanFlex polyfoam, which is dense and responsive, gel-infused memory foam that conforms closely without trapping heat, and ventilated latex that conforms gently and facilitates airflow near the surface.

A total of three fabrics are available for customers to choose from, all of which are cooling. In addition to feeling cool to the touch, the circular-knit polyester has a smooth texture. A soft organic cotton cover keeps your body dry on humid nights by wicking away moisture. As a final benefit, the Recovery Upcycle material absorbs heat and converts it into infrared energy during sleep. As well as being quite breathable, this fabric is also quite durable.


Tochta, a South Carolina-based mattress manufacturer, offers three customizable mattresses. A user-friendly design process that allows streamlined customization without overwhelming shoppers has been in operation for 25 years. The three mattresses from Tochta are all made of foam. Shoppers can customize dimensions and corner shapes for all three and choose from standard sizes.

Customizable, Customized Mattresses Mattresses are often compared to cars, with similar traits like power, comfort, and size. Tochta’s customizable mattresses offer similar customization. For example, a bed can be customized with two different types of foam, or even two different sizes of foam. The foam can be mixed and matched, and the result is a mattress uniquely suited for your needs. Each mattress is available in the following sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Mattress Insider

Its start-to-finish customization services include truck/RV and oversized mattresses as well as unusually sized mattresses.A mattress ordered through Mattress Insider can be customized to the purchaser’s specifications. The company offers a variety of mattresses, including foam, innerspring, and latex. A mattress can be ordered in any custom size and shape a customer desires, including beveling and overall shape. This in-depth control will likely make Mattress Insider an attractive choice for those shopping for mattresses to fit antique furniture or other unusually shaped spaces since many custom manufacturers only allow customization of length and width.

Mattress Insider is not limited to customizing mattresses; it also offers upholstery services. Upholstery options include fabric, leather, vinyl, and even real wood. The company can also reupholster existing furniture if desired. Mattress Insider also offers a warranty on its custom mattresses. Costs & Financing Mattress Insider does not offer to finance. Customer Service, The company’s website is easy to navigate.


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