How To Delete VSCO Account (An Updated Guide of 2022)

How To Delete VSCO Account
How To Delete VSCO Account

VSCO stands for “Visual Supply Company” and was created as a niche app for photographers to showcase their work. Although VSCO is a great app with a very active community, it’s not for everyone. For more casual users, it’s unsuitable due to its skew towards artistry and contemporary photography. While the membership fee on the site is only $19.99 a year, it does cost money to have a professional membership. You can find instructions on how to delete your VSCO account in this article if you have been using it and have decided it is no longer right for you.

How to Deactivating your VSCO account

The process of deleting a VSCO account is very straightforward. However, you may want to follow a few extra steps to ensure all account information and content are removed before doing so. Here’s how you can clear your account content and permanently deactivate your account.

Delete your VSCO images

The first step to removing yourself from VSCO is to delete your content. It is common for VSCO to hold onto the information about your account when you deactivate your membership. You must manually delete your content in order to cancel the platform completely.

  • You must be logged in to the VSCO app on your device.
  • Choose your profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top right after selecting an image.
  • To delete the image, select Delete.

Other people may have added images to your collection that need to be removed.

  • Make sure you are logged in to the VSCO app on your device.
  • Click on the face icon in the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Find the image you wish to remove and click on the delete icon.
  • You can remove it by clicking on the “-” icon.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your removal.
  • This process can be quite time-consuming since you have to remove each picture manually. However, it is a necessary step if you wish to remove yourself from VSCO completely.

Delete Your VSCO Account

The following options are available if you don’t want to use VSCO anymore: you can deactivate your account and leave it dormant or deactivate it permanently. To deactivate your VSCO account:

  • Visit this deactivation page by logging into your VSCO account.
  • Choose Deactivate the VSCO profile from the menu and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Confirm to deactivate your VSCO profile.

When you deactivate your VSCO profile, your Grid, Collection, and Journal will be hidden from the public, but your account will remain intact. Your account will remain active but dormant. To deactivate your VSCO account and profile, follow these steps:

  • Log in to VSCO and go to this page. You are on the same page as above.
  • Choose Deactivate VSCO Profile & Account and follow the wizard.
  • You will be prompted to confirm the deactivation of your VSCO account.

If you would rather delete your VSCO account via email, you can:

Delete your VSCO account by emailing and adding the subject “Delete my VSCO account.” This may take longer than going through the website.

If you deactivate your account, it won’t be deleted. There will be no access to any resources you have or any purchases you have made. Please download any resources you will need before doing this to avoid losing them.)

Your account can be reactivated by logging in again. By deactivating your account, all you are doing is preventing yourself from using it. A reactivated account must still exist in order to be reactivated. Obviously, this isn’t ideal from a privacy standpoint, so you must first delete all your images if you truly want to wipe your account.


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