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RELX combines elegant designs with next-generation technology to offer vapers a stylish alternative to smoking. It’s simple to use and requires little maintenance, making it a good choice for newcomers to the world of vaping.

Each pod carries enough e-liquid for around 650 puffs. To activate your device, simply draw on the mouthpiece; there’s no need to press buttons.
Creativity and Innovation

When you think about innovation, perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is a flashy new gadget or technology. But innovation is much more than that; it’s about the conceiving, developing and delivering of new products, services and processes for our customers.

If you look through our customer stories, you’ll find examples of how our employees are creating innovative tools to support customers who work hard to make the world a better place. For example, RELX European government affairs specialists worked with policy makers to help them tackle challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence and copyright.

Across the Group, we encourage creativity and innovation through our central donations programme, which is open to all employees. RELX Cares Champions can submit proposals to benefit charities focusing on our three key contributions: protecting society and reducing inequalities, advancing science and improving healthcare, and furthering the Rule of Law and access to justice. This year, RELX colleagues in the US donated to a shipping container conversion into a school for children living in poverty in Liberia.
Career Advice

There are plenty of tips on the internet for interviewing well. They include such basics as researching the company, matching your resume to the job description, dressing professionally, and being pleasant.

However, a more complex challenge for many of us is re-entering the workforce after taking a career break. For those in that situation, relx has a program to help returning employees.

RELX Group, headquartered in London, England, is an information-based analytics company that provides business-to-business services and solutions worldwide. Its businesses include scientific, technical and medical; legal; risk management; and exhibitions.

The company credits its employees for its success, and strives to provide a challenging and empowering work environment. Its employees are also encouraged to take part in community service through RE Cares, the company’s key outreach initiative. RE Cares includes reading programs, fundraising, and donations of time and money. The company also supports employee volunteerism by matching their contributions. RELX Group pays its employees competitively, with salaries averaging $82,683 per year.
Support for Employees Returning from Career Breaks

During the pandemic, workers from all backgrounds took time off to care for their families and meet their own needs. These experiences highlighted the benefits of career breaks, allowing them to return to work with fresh perspectives and new skills.

But returning to the workforce after a break can be intimidating. Those who take time off often face concerns about their job-hunting skills and how to explain their employment gap.

However, companies like LinkedIn are helping to remove the stigma surrounding career breaks. By adding a specialized feature to employees’ profiles, it’s possible for them to showcase their experiences and make employers more willing to hire them. Employees can also highlight their passion projects on their resumes to show employers they’re still dedicated to their careers despite taking time off. These side projects allow them to keep their professional skills sharp and provide a sense of fulfillment. They could even lead to new opportunities or collaborations.
Workplace Culture

Creating a culture of trust and respect in the workplace can be hard. It requires a willingness to be honest and transparent about ethical issues, especially in the case of global issues that are outside an organisation’s direct control.

Gaythri Raman, head of legal and professional content for LexisNexis in South East Asia, remembers an incident that highlights why the Code of Ethics matters. While working with a judge who had recently been promoted, she was invited to lunch, and felt unable to accept because of her professional relationship with him.

The risk and compliance team at RELX encourages employees to report concerns. They are one of very few companies to publish a summary of reports received, an approach they say helps engender trust in the company’s ethics and reporting process. It also makes it clear that RELX takes serious action when it sees evidence of misconduct. RELX’s employee resource groups encourage colleagues to collaborate, advocate and engage communities, promoting inclusion at the company.


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