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So you like making crafts, however did you ever dream you could be getting paid for it? Etsy, likewise called the “handcrafted market” enables crafters of all things to offer their products and make money for doing what they love.

Presently on Etsy there millions handmade and craft items for sale. Other categories consist of kids’s items, housewares, paper items, crocheted or knitted products, hand stitched items, bags and handbags, family pet toys, ceramics, sculpture, tableware, and decoration.

You can find whatever from handmade birdhouses to furniture, handmade animal collars to car seat covers. Etsy’s marketplace for almost anything you can create. Etsy’s buyers look for handmade, but also buy products and vintage.

Costs vary around twenty cents for listing an item, and about 3 and a half percent per product for sales fees. In a nutshell, Etsy provides you the platform to make money, and you do the rest.

The shop is easy to use, and you basically get five pictures and a place to describe your item in detail, plus the addition of excellent key words. The easy part is opening up store and noting your items. The difficult part is getting your handmade products discovered in the swimming pool of over 8 million and rising. How does one do this?

This might need a little work, sleuthing, and some forethought. Etsy stays up to date with the times and recognizes the need for social networking. They provide you fast link buttons to share your products to Facebook or Twitter creating more exposure for your products that you have listed. There are optional paid services on Etsy to increase direct exposure to your items such as search ads and display listings, but if you are savvy and confident enough of your products, you might not need these products.

Presently on Etsy at the time of this short article there are over eight million handmade and craft products for sale. Other categories consist of kids’s products, housewares, paper items, crocheted or knitted products, hand sewn products, bags and bags, animal toys, ceramics, sculpture, tableware, and decor.

Fees vary & you need an Etsy calculator


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