Fire pumps must be sized appropriately for the expected hazards. Too large and you’re wasting money, too small and it may not be enough water to protect the building.

The type of fire pump you choose depends on several factors including capacity rating, stage, and drive method. It’s also important to consider the location of the pump. Some manufacturers offer pre-fabricated pump houses that can be installed near the building.
C.E.T. Portable Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are designed to increase the water pressure in a fire sprinkler system that’s already installed in buildings. This ensures that the system has enough water to extinguish fires — particularly Class A fires that involve organic solids, Class B fires that involve flammable liquids and Class C fires that involve electrical equipment.

The VERSAX model is a twin-impeller self-priming fire pump with a Honda engine, offering high performance and low whole life cost. It has a 3-gallon fuel tank and delivers maximum flows of up to 75 gpm at 190 psi, Geske says.

Founded in 1908, CET is a manufacturer that designs and builds portable fire pumps and foam systems, vehicle-mounted pumps, trailer-mounted units, and drop-in units. Its products are manufactured in Canada and the United States.
WATERAX Portable Fire Pumps

Firefighters working in the wildland interface need high-pressure water pumps capable of operating in difficult terrain. Fortunately, manufacturers are attuned to their needs and produce portable pump models suitable for the job.

For example, CET’s PFP-2hp-HND-M pumps pair a versatile mid-range portable pump end with a reliable GXH50 Honda air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine to generate pressures up to 200 psi and flow rates of 300 gallons per minute (gpm). The quick-release clamp and swappable pump ends allow for easy maintenance, reducing equipment downtime.

The MARK-3 Watson Edition pump is backpack portable and the strongest available lightweight fire pump that can withstand high-pressure. The preferred initial attack pump for firefighters around the world, this durable model is ideal for long hose lays and can overcome pressure loss caused by elevation changes.

The BB-4 diesel high-pressure fire pump pairs the WATERAX pump end with a Kubota 25 HP diesel engine and is compatible with type 4, 5, and 6 brush trucks. It is also a popular choice for slip-on applications in rugged wildland scenarios.
MARK-3 Portable Fire Pumps

Since 1964 when the WAJAX MARK-3 detachable pump end was patented, it has become the standard wildland fire pump for forestry agencies worldwide. It has the ability to provide high pressure over long distances and elevation changes, yet is one-person portable; a critical attribute out in the field. The MARK-3 has benefited from a series of improvements including a Nikasil coated cylinder, an impregnated crankcase and maintenance-free pump end.

WATERAX is proud to continue its almost century-long tradition of delivering superior and durable pumps to the industry. Contact Ten-8 Fire & Safety today to learn more about the complete line of WATERAX portable high-pressure fire pumps and find the right fit for your department’s needs.
Texas Fire Pump Sales

Fire pumps are a vital part of commercial sprinkler systems, especially in high-rise buildings. They help the system maintain pressure when municipal water supplies can’t keep up. They also come in handy in facilities with high risk of fire, such as oil refineries and chemical plants.

In addition to the main fire pump, these systems typically have what’s called a jockey pump. These are designed to keep the system’s pressure up when it drops, avoiding the main fire pump from turning on unnecessarily. The jockey pump does not provide a lot of volume, but is capable of restoring the normal system pressure in 10-psi increments.

Fire pumps need regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to be in good condition. This includes running the pump with no flow as a test, inspecting packing glands and adjusting them when necessary. Ongoing Texas industrial pump services are a great way to keep your fire safety equipment in good working pumps for sale