How to Use an Electronic Signature

How to Use an Electronic Signature Service

If you want to use an electronic signature service, you’ll need to make sure you know the rules and regulations. For example, the ESIGN Act and UETA require companies offering eSignature services to comply with them. Likewise, they must comply with the eSignature laws of each country. In Oregon, this act was adopted in 2001.


SignNow is a robust and secure eSignature platform that streamlines digital transactions. It can simplify everything from simple personnel records to complex contracts and payment forms. The platform allows you to upload multiple documents from your hard drive or cloud storage. It also supports adding formulas and remarks to any field of your documents.

SignNow’s intuitive interface allows you to create, store, and route documents for signature. The service also lets you customize the message and subject of your email notifications. You can even specify who is CC’d on the email. Notifications are delivered via mobile phone or email. The service is secure and offers a comprehensive audit trail.

If you are on a budget, you can try SignNow’s free tier first. This plan offers unlimited document signing, basic fields, and a mobile app. SignNow’s next plan costs $15 per user per month and is billed annually. However, you will not have the ability to accept payments online. SignNow also offers an enterprise plan that costs $30 per user per month.
You can also try signNow free for seven days. After the trial, you can decide if you want to continue using the service. Moreover, signNow also offers a paid plan with different options.

KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign is an electronic signature service that is supported by many popular web browsers and desktop platforms. Its features include a rich editor and ready-to-use templates to help you create and share the documents you need. In addition to this, it provides easy integration with native APIs and everyday business apps. Users can also use the service’s cloud storage to keep their records organized. Another great feature is its collaboration features, which help streamline the signing process.

KeepSolid Sign is available for both businesses and individuals, and is easy to use on all major platforms. You can sign documents anywhere, anytime, and even offline.

KeepSolid Sign’s web-based eSignature service also offers secure encryption and rapid signatures across any device. Adding comments to documents is also possible with this service, making it the perfect option for people on the go. It can also track changes made and remind the signer. The service is cross-platform, which means it will work on your computer, iPhone, or Android devices.

KeepSolid Sign offers a free trial, which makes it easy to try out without any commitment. The software is available on multiple platforms, and features include built-in templates, email notifications, and audit log. You can also add CC recipients and set an expiration date for your documents. While it doesn’t offer an editor, the template directory offers dozens of cool forms for your use. Some of these templates have been certified by legal agencies to ensure their validity and accuracy.


If you use an electronic signature service, such as DocuSign, then you can save time and money by automating agreements and streamlining workflows. In addition to reducing manual processes, DocuSign has built-in security features that protect your information. As a result, DocuSign is an excellent choice for businesses that need to sign documents.

DocuSign also features a paperless workflow. It allows you to scan, upload, or fax documents. Its intelligent capture process reduces steps and automates oversight, improving data integrity. Additionally, it features an automated workflow system that routes items based on pre-determined rules. And for security, DocuSign has a range of certifications to protect your information.

DocuSign is also compatible with numerous popular applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF. It can also be integrated with the LionMail system. The electronic signature service can process virtually any type of document file.

DocuSign supports PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular file types. To create an electronic signature, simply upload the documents to DocuSign’s website and specify recipients. You can also customize the subject line and email message for each recipient, and add a field for capturing signatures. Once the document has been submitted, recipients will receive an e-mail containing a link to view it.


The PandaDoc electronic signature service is a reliable and secure way to add a legally binding electronic signature to any document. Unlike other generic electronic signature services, which are often not secure enough, this service allows users to track their signed documents and ensure that they are only signed by people who have authorized access to them.

The service is free and allows you to upload your own files or those of your clients. You can then send the document to your client after it is signed. With the PandaDoc API, you can easily build automated documentation and e-signature features. You can also integrate it with other business applications. You can connect it to CRMs, accounting software, and payment collection processors.


RightSignature electronic signature service integrates with your favorite software and is secure and easy to use. Its integration allows you to easily import documents and contacts from Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, ShareFile, and more. RightSignature also offers password-protected login and 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure your data is safe. And you can even use biometric data capture for added security and privacy.

To receive support, RightSignature provides a toll-free phone number and a web form where you can ask questions. It also provides extensive support documentation. Like DocuSign, RightSignature uses Citrix to provide customer support. There is a support forum for consumers and general support for businesses.

RightSignature allows you to share documents with multiple users. You can also embed documents on your website. It supports several document formats, including PDF and Word. It also supports automated field detection. It can also integrate with your favorite software. You can also use RightSignature to sign documents. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, the RightSignature service can streamline the document signing process.

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