michael kors bags sale are one of the most popular brands that are a fashion staple. These handbags are designed with beautiful leathers, such as saffiano, plether, and tweed. The material is also stitched to ensure the bag is durable.

Saffiano leather

Saffiano leather is a highly durable and popular leather material used by many high end fashion houses and designer handbag makers. It is scratch resistant and water repellent.

Saffiano leather is often made from calf or ostrich leather, but it can also be created from plastics. Newer Saffiano leather can be made with composite coatings.

Many of Michael Kors’ bags use Saffiano leather, but some products also use crocodile embossed leather or pebbled leather. All of the materials are designed to be lightweight and durable.

The original Saffiano leather was made from the best calfskin available. Today, however, it is made from different types of leather, such as faux or synthetic leather.

When it comes to cleaning, you can either hand wash or use a specialized Saffiano leather cleaner. However, stains should be removed by a professional.

Saffiano leather should be stored in a cool and dry place. You should also keep it out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, it might soften with use.

Plether leather

The Michael Kors line of leather bags is a popular choice for many women and men. Not only are they stylish, they are also durable and practical.

The bags are made of various materials, including synthetic and exotic leather. They are available in different styles and sizes. Some are available in cotton, while others are made of nylon.

Michael Kors has a wide range of handbags, and the company even produces luggage. These bags are a little on the expensive side, but fashion fans are willing to pay for the high quality construction.

Some of the most popular Michael Kors bags are made of saffiano leather, a thick, heavy material that is water resistant. It is also scratch-resistant and extremely durable.

Another popular material is horsehair. This type of leather does not absorb water, oils or other chemicals, making it very durable. Unlike animal leather, it does not lose its texture or color with exposure to water and oil.


Stitching on Michael Kors bags is an important element of a quality bag. But while stitching isn’t always the best way to tell a bag is authentic, it is an important detail to look for.

Stitching on Michael Kors purses should be clean, even, and straight. You’ll also want to make sure the logo on the bag is centered. If there’s a large gap in the middle of the letters, you’re dealing with a fake.

The circle emblem on Michael Kors handbags is another thing to watch for. The circle should be large and distinct, and it should be surrounded by a perfect circle. It should also be stitched securely into the leather, and should use sturdy hardware.

Another important detail to look for is the typeface on the lining. A genuine MK bag will have a symmetrical lining, and will feature a large, easily readable font.

Authentic Michael Kors totes will have a top quality leather handle, and will not wrinkle around the foam tube. They will also have four perfectly proportioned stitches beneath the handle hardware.


Michael Kors bags are one of the most sought-after luxury leather goods worldwide. However, many customers are unable to distinguish between fake and real products. In fact, some people actually buy the fake ones.

One way to detect a fake is by looking at the interior of the bag. Authentic MK handbags have a logo engraved into the zipper pull. The logo should be centered, with evenly spaced letters. It should also look well polished.

Another thing to check for is the exterior stitching. An authentic Michael Kors bag should have properly stitched seams. If you find that the stitching is not even, it is a sign that the bag is not real.

Another indicator of an authentic Michael Kors handbag is the metal hardware. A real bag will have shiny brass or silver finishes. Real hardware is sturdy and feels good to touch.

Lastly, you should check the lining. If you are buying a real Michael Kors bag, the lining should be smooth and free of pinprick holes.