Modern style kitchen cabinets focus on sleek, clean lines. Cabinet doors are flat slabs that avoid excessive detailing like raised panels and crown molding. This minimalist look pairs well with linear hardware like tubular or flat linear pulls that run the full length of cabinets’ drawers and accent horizontal lines.
White Oak

Oak’s natural beauty makes it an appealing option for Modern kitchen designs. The eye-catching grain patterns of light to medium brown shades contrast well with dark appliances and other kitchen elements.

Homeowners also choose white oak for its durability. It can hold up to the wear and tear of busy kitchens without showing signs of damage over time. The wood’s water-resistant properties help to prevent moisture damage and make it easy to clean.

Whether you prefer rift sawn or standard quarter-sawn oak, both options work well for modern cabinets. Rift sawn oak offers a unique character, including a prominent grain pattern and a ray flake detail. Standard quarter-sawn oak is also an attractive choice, blending well with modern design styles and providing an eye-catching natural texture.

Oak is also compatible with a variety of stain colors. Cooler colors such as Dove White, Pebble Grey, and Rainfall are popular choices for Modern kitchens, while warmer hues that take on pastel Pantones can also be used to accent your cabinetry.

The deep tones of walnut add an elegance that blends well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen design. This natural wood also resists wear and tear well, guaranteeing durability. Since each walnut cabinet features unique grain patterns, it will add a touch of individuality to your kitchen.

If you prefer a minimalist look, consider pairing your walnut cabinets with lighter kitchen elements. For example, opt for a light-colored countertop that contrasts with the dark color of walnut cabinets and brings out their beauty. Alternatively, try a white quartz or marble countertop for a classic and sophisticated appeal.

Dark walnut cabinets are more resistant to water damage compared to some porous wood selections, such as birch. This makes them easier to maintain and clean. To further streamline your kitchen, choose sleek tubular or flat linear hardware to complement your cabinetry. This will further emphasize horizontal lines and make your cabinets appear more modern.

Green is having a major moment in the kitchen, whether in dark, rich shades or light, muted options. In a modern kitchen, this color is often used to frame other statement pieces, such as the brass hardware in this pistachio green kitchen from Sweeten renovators. This green also pairs beautifully with orange wood tones for a natural, outdoorsy feel.

Darker green cabinets pair nicely with contrasting countertops, such as black granite or black quartz. In addition, wood flooring in warm tones can complement earthy or muted green cabinet hues for a rustic or transitional vibe.

For a more sophisticated look, try a monochromatic palette with different shades of green that are similar but slightly varying in saturation. This look works well with green accents such as the patterned backsplash and textured tile featured in this kitchen from Banner Day Interiors. In this kitchen, earthy green lower cabinets pair with wooden upper cabinets and a natural wood range hood to create a sophisticated blend of textures and styles.

Black kitchen cabinets offer a bold, sophisticated aesthetic that is both dramatic and modern. This color is surprisingly versatile and works well with a variety of other colors, including grey, white and yellow. Petrol tones are also popular with black cabinets, adding a more natural feel to the space.

Matte black flat-panel cabinets paired with wood counters and bar chairs bring elegance to this contemporary cooking space. A recessed wall in this kitchen features dark gray subway slate wall tile, complementing the cabinet color beautifully.

A trend in modern cooking spaces is to remove upper cabinets completely and install open shelving for a sleek and minimalist look. This can help to open up a small room and make it appear larger. However, the use of large swaths of black can cause a room to appear closed in and dark. To avoid this, many homeowners pair their black cabinets with lighter countertops and backsplashes for contrast.