Home care agencies offer individuals trusted and consistent home health services, adapted to their needs. These services can range from companionship and housekeeping to supervised medication. Live-in care is more personalised than visiting/domiciliary care and is highly regulated by the CQC. The Good Care Group provides a fully managed service with a care manager supporting every client. Personal Care Home care agencies provide individuals with trusted and consistent home health services. They offer a variety of support, from companionship and housekeeping to meal preparation and supervision of medical care. Their carers undergo thorough background checks and screenings to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals. Signature House provides a safe, secure environment for individuals who need 24-hour nursing care in Dorchester Center. The care home is purpose-built and has 48 rooms, all en suite. Residents can enjoy a varied lifestyle, including activities and outings. The care home is rated ‘good’ by the CQC. Edyn Care is a dedicated live-in care provider offering bespoke one-to-one support in the comfort of your loved ones’ own homes. Their care managers visit your family member at home to discuss their needs and put together a personalised care plan. They also have a simple app which keeps families up to date with information about their relative’s care, ensuring transparency and trust. Meal Preparation Carers prepare and serve nutritious, delicious meals that cater to clients’ specific dietary needs. They also assist with grocery shopping and meal planning, ensuring safe and healthy food options. They encourage and facilitate socialising over a tasty dinner, with family, friends, and neighbours, whenever they are visiting. In the low-income Boston neighbourhood of Dorchester, a nonprofit grocery store called Daily Table has shelves full of canned vegetables two for $1 and eggs 99 cents each. It sells aging produce and surplus from wholesalers at prices that are astonishingly low for the neighborhood. The kale might be a little light green, but it’s still good for you. Housekeeping Home care providers provide housekeeping services to keep individuals’ homes neat and tidy. This can involve tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning upholstery and carpets, wiping windows and more. These can help individuals maintain a healthy environment while freeing them up from time-consuming chores. In addition, home care providers can also assist with more complex tasks, such as preparing meals and washing. This can give individuals more confidence and a sense of independence. This can also reduce the risk of falls and infections in the home. Home care is often cheaper than moving into a residential home and can offer highly personalised care reflecting an individual’s choices, wishes and social preferences, which may not be possible in a care home. It can also support individuals to remain in familiar surroundings, which can reduce stress and enhance their mental wellbeing. Regular health monitoring can quickly identify any concerns and allow prompt action, reducing the risk of complications. Socialising Home care agencies provide individuals with the support they need in familiar and personalised surroundings, giving people the choice to remain in their homes and keep close to loved ones. They can help with personal care, errands, home-making tasks and even ensuring that medical appointments are made and kept. Carers also make sure their clients are involved in social activities by providing companionship and assistance getting out and about, including visiting the hairdresser or dentist, and attending local events such as fairs or walks. Some care providers also offer respite care, allowing families to take a well-deserved break. Cera Care, for example, match a carer to your family’s needs using information provided in their bespoke app. They also have tailored emergency protocols and ensure family members are promptly informed in case of health emergencies, fostering transparency and trust. They are one of the few providers to offer both Introductory and Regulated/Fully Managed live-in care, allowing your loved ones to transition between these levels without changing their account manager or carer. Trusted & Reliable Carers in Dorchester