Why It’s Important to Have Great Dating Photos

Many people make the decision whether to swipe right or left on a profile within a fraction of a second. This is why it’s important to have great dating photos.

A well-lit headshot is the best option for your main photo. Also, include a full body shot in one of your favorite outfits.
1. Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

If you want to increase your chances of getting a match on Tinder or any other dating app, smile! According to Coffee Meets Bagel, photos of men and women smiling with their big bright white teeth were “liked” more than any other photo in the survey.

This is a tip that has been floating around on dating advice blogs, PUA podcasts and countless dating subreddits for years. But it doesn’t seem to be true.

Smiling in your profile photos isn’t just a good way to get more DMs, it’s also a great way to show potential matches that you are warm, friendly and approachable. After all, a swipe left is often based on just one picture! And if you smile in a few of your profile pictures, it might be enough to sway them to your side.
2. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Body Shape

It is a known fact that online dating profiles have the highest success rates when they include a full body photo. People scan pictures quickly and make decisions, sometimes in seconds, on whether they should swipe right or left based on the best picture of someone.

It should be clear in your photo that you are happy with your figure. This doesn’t mean you should be in a bikini or shirtless, but a well-fitted dress that shows off your figure is ideal.

It is also wise to have one or two lifestyle photos showing you with friends or doing everyday activities that you enjoy. These photos show you as a person and will add more depth to your profile. Avoid photos of your new kitchen, dirty laundry, or expensive dinners.
3. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Make Up

Makeup is important in dating photos because it can help define your features so that when you’re far away from the camera, your face doesn’t look like a big blob. Arellano also recommends using Facetune to touch up any blemishes or uneven skin tone.

However, it’s important not to go overboard with the makeup in your pics. It can be easy to tell when a photo has been extensively edited, and this will almost always put off potential dates.

Also, avoid wearing too much jewelry or makeup in your profile photos because these can detract from your natural beauty. It’s also a good idea to avoid using pictures with messy hair or clothes, dirty dishes or piled up laundry in the background. Your photos should be a true reflection of your everyday life, not a Photoshopped version of it.
4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Brave

With so many dating apps being picture first, it’s important to have the best pictures you can. People spend a fraction of a second swiping through photos so you want to make sure they see high quality, crisp images that show off your personality and appearance.

One way to become braver is to rank all of your fears on a scale of 0-10. Then, start by practicing those you have ranked lower. Trying a new restaurant, going on a hike you’ve never done before, or simply leaving your comfort zone to go out and meet people are great ways to practice your courage muscles.

A good photographer can take the pressure off and help you feel comfortable on your photo shoot. They are experts at putting their clients at ease.
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Include a Pic of Your Pets

A good number of singles include photos of their pets when creating an online dating profile. This is not a bad idea as research suggests that pet owners are more desirable than those without pets.

However, it is important to remember that a photo of your pet posing by itself or with other people (particularly children) can come across as self-absorbed and desperate, and is not the best way to showcase yourself on a dating website.

Also, it’s a good idea to avoid photos of you and your dog giving the camera mouth hugs or other similar poses, as this will not show the real you and will just come off as a bit of a narcissist! You should also stay away from photos that feature a beach, sunset or your feet.

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